Multilingual words of welcome emblazoned on Northart’s window frontage invite all visitors into the gallery, open daily from 10am to 4pm during exhibitions. Tucked behind the Northcote shopping centre and alongside the library in the Kaipatiki region of Auckland’s North Shore, Northart is just ten minutes from downtown Auckland, with plenty of free parking and bus stops nearby. The gallery provides an accessible and community focussed programme of exhibitions by emerging and established, local and national artists, which changes out every three weeks, so there’s always something new and interesting. You’ll also discover an associated programme of regular public events, classes and arts activities. So drop in next time you are in the neighbourhood, or make a special trip. You’re always welcome at Northart.



Gallery 1, 2, 3

Arrested Practice
18 July – 3 August
Meet the Artists Sunday 31 July 2.00pm

Artists: Karl Amundsen, Rosemary Theunissen. Frank van Schaik, John Oxborough, Ross Ritchie, Lindsey Kirk, Simon McIntyre, Sharon Vickers, Patrick Malone and Allie Eagle. Have you ever looked at an artwork and thought it wasn’t quite finished, that it needed another component or a bit more paint?

Gallery 4

SELECT - work by artists from Dornwell Studios
18 July - 3rd August
‘Select’ will feature work from six of the painters – Jo Dalgety, Susan Thomas, Trevor Bayly, Jane Thorne, Amy MacKinnon and Mark Bosley – working in various media. 

Gallery 5

Drisana Tonga: Heliaki | In Between Worlds
18 July - 3rd August
Drisana works, in this show, express the connectedness of her personal worlds and the ways in which, through each expressive brush stroke or line, one culture/way of thinking can instantly transition into another, hence the title  ‘Heliaki | In between worlds’ (heliaki meaning to say one thing and mean another).

The Windows

17 July – 26 August
If you missed our popular drawing exhibition, you’ll get the chance to see selected works from the show displayed in our full scape window spaces during the day and under lights at night.


Gallery Time for Kids - Watercolour Magic

Adult Crafts - Korean Workshops