Channel: Mid-Winter at Northart

Do join us for the opening of the exhibition on Sunday July 7th at 4pm.

The show always has an extraordinary variety of work (despite, or maybe because, there is a size restriction of 30.5 x 30.5 cm in size, or less if three dimensional) and, as such, celebrates the broad range of ethnicities, abilities and interests to be found within a community of artists. For many it is a highlight of Northart’s exhibition programme – and it will certainly add some colour and excitement to these dreary winter months!

‘Turn to the Far North’ is an exhibition of rubbings of drawings and inscriptions – essentially prints – made during the Han Dynasty, a golden age in Chinese history from 206 BC through to 220AD.  The rubbings were made by Chinese/New Zealand artists Lu Bo and Bangzhen Deng about 20 years ago and provide a delightful glimpse into ancient Chinese tradition, aesthetics and architecture. The exhibition will be in the gallery for a few days only, from 6th – 10th July.

The next weekend ‘Through Our Eyes’ will showcase art work by youth with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) in an event that has been organised by two senior students at Kristin College. It is a fascinating show with some very lovely drawing in particular and will be in the gallery from 13 – 24 July. 

The last Sunday of the month we open three new shows including ‘Cross the River’, an exhibition to celebrate Qixi, Chinese Valentine’s Day. Qixi (also known as the Qiqiao festival) is an annual festival in China to celebrate the meeting between the cowherd, Niulang, and Zhinü, the weaver. Their love was not allowed and they were banished to the opposite sides of the Silver River (symbolising the Milky Way). Once a year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month – August 7 this year – a flock of magpies would form a bridge across the river to reunite the lovers for one day, so the legend goes. Using this as its theme, ‘Cross the River’ focusses on portraiture and figurative art and highlights obstacles to communication between people and cultures.

Anne Riethmaier, Jeantine Pulsford, Johanna Goodwin and Jacqueline McLeod are North Shore based artists who teach at local secondary schools. Their exhibition, ‘One Square Meal’, has no overarching theme or idea; rather it is a show of four independent mid-career women artists.

Completing the roundup of shows for the month, ceramics by Birkdale potter Martin Ward will be displayed in the gallery windows.

By: Christine Young