Collaborative art exhibition for past and present members of Westlake high schools

An exhibition to celebrate creativity beyond the classroom is heading to Northart for Artweek Auckland (October 8 till 16).

3.15 Westlake is a collaborative project that is open to past and present students of both Westlake girls and boys high schools.

Creative Flow explores how to convey a sense of movement in a more abstract way.

Art teacher Kheang Ov is the head of the art department at Westlake Girls High School, coordinator of 3.15 and an accomplished artist in his own right.

Ov says the name, 3.15, is inspired from the time when the bell rings to say "school's out".

"Because that's when the real creativity begins."

Creativity is as much beyond the classroom as it is within it - this exhibition is promoting that, he says.

Ov initiated the first exhibition in 2008, and it has been an annual event ever since.

For student Carolina "Carly" Gill, 18, this is her first time participating.

Her work, entitled Creative Flow, is a montage of printmaking that explores how to convey a sense of movement in an abstract way.

Gill says she's "pro-printmaking", because it's the most creative platform. 

"I mean, you only paint with paint. In print, you have five or 10 techniques to experiment with."

Creative Flow is self-descriptive of her "leave it to the last minute then do it all at once", style of working, she says. "I gotta find my flow first."

Initially, the exhibition was just Westlake Girls High School students. Now, it includes Westlake Boys High School, as well 20 to 30 years of past alumni students.

This includes well known New Zealand artists Judy Millar and Jeff Thomson.

For 3.15 Westlake around 30 to 50 artist will participate and at least 15 from current Westlake students.

Works showcase an array of different mediums, including 3D, sculpting, painting and moving images.

Art teacher Kheang Ov will also be showcasing his work alongside his students.

For Ov, he says his job provides him with a nice balance to life. 

"To see students gravitate towards art, it's quite rewarding.

"There is nothing better than talking about art," he says. "I can't think of anything else."

Opening night for 3.15 Westlake is October 9, from 4pm at Northart Gallery.

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