Conversation with the Artist - Hye Rim Lee

Sunday, March 14 - 1 pm

Join exhibiting artist Hye Rim Lee in conversation Charlotte Huddleston, Director of St Paul St, on a tour of Lee's solo exhibitions Black Rose  흑장미   黑玫瑰 & Crystal City  수정도시   水晶城, currently on show at Northart.

Hye Rim Lee is a prolific contemporary artist working in a wide range of artistic modes including animation, performance and design. Through these mediums, Lee calls into question the role of technology in image making and representation, exploring instinct and fantasy through mythological elements of identity. She examines ideas of contemporary pop culture, cyber trends, and the intersection between West and East in the challenge of mixing old mythology with new contemporary myth making. 

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Hye Rim Lee, Dragon's Tale, white, 2008. Edition 1 of 5. C-type print, Perspex face mounting, 1650 x 1650 mm. POA 

Image courtesy of the artist & Northart