Conversations with the Artists: Jessica Douglas

Join exhibiting artist Jessica Douglas on a tour of her solo exhibition 'Cells', as the artist discusses her past work and what has influenced her process. 

Jessica Douglas is an abstract artist who creates artwork in a wide range of mediums, including paint, metal, and plastic. Her work employs the language of geometric abstraction to emphasise visual ambiguity, incompatibility, and connection. Her artistic practice utilses bright and bold colours in combination with these geometric forms to create an allusive and illusionary surface.

Douglas began practicing art in the 1980s and has recently returned to the art world following a fifteen-year hiatus. Her work is held in public New Zealand collections including the Christchurch College of Education and the University of Canterbury. This exhibition will feature work from two distinct bodies of creation and will employ a multi-media approach.

In the artist words, “my practice has developed from an interest in exploring the duality of binary relationships such as inside and outside, and from my use of the circle as a metaphor to reference the transference, seepage and flow between bounded entities.”

Read essay by Mirabelle Field on Douglas' exhibition 'Cells' - on show at Northart until May 26, 2021. 


Jessica Douglas, Time Travel, 2020. Acrylic on canvas, 450 x 350 mm

Image courtesy of the artist and Northart