Karen Sewell, 'Numinous Spheres (Interstellar)'

Karen Sewell, 'Numinous Spheres (Interstellar)', 2021
Giclee print from photogram negative, wooden frame

365 x 365mm, Framed $490, Unframed $320

600 x 600mm, Framed $980, Unframed $720

"Numinous Spheres (Interstellar), 2021 is a photographic work, created as a photogram made in the darkroom from light, photo-sensitive paper and small polystyrene balls from inside a beanbag. It is part of the a larger body of work called Numinous Spheres. This work suggests celestial bodies in the vastness of space with an uncanny twist, linking everyday materials to an intangible and distant cosmic realm."

Profits from the sale of these works go towards fundraising for Karen Sewell's exhibition in Venice, 2022. Northart is a proud co-presenter of Karen's project for Personal Structures, a Venice Biennale collateral exhibition hosted at the European Cultural Centre by the Global Art Foundation in Venice, Italy, 2022.