Lindsay Kirk, Rosemary Theunissen, Malcolm McAllister, Fiona Gray

Here & There by Lindsay Kirk | Gallery 1

Lindsey Kirk draws on her experiences of living between a small village in Burgundy, France and in Kaukapakapa, Auckland to present exquisitely balanced compositions of three interior scenes, rendered in paint, print and collage. Her subjects are the attic bedrooms from her homes in both countries, a series of still life arrangements of jugs and vases juxtaposed with unusual objects she’s picked up in second hand markets, as well as personal and family treasures.

THREE TAKES by Rosemary Theunissen, Malcolm McAllister and Fiona Gray | Gallery 2/3

A trio of committed artists with different approaches display their talents in this group show. Malcolm McAllister explores consumerism in his series of works set in contemporary Cuba, using the metaphor of the shopping trolley and the faces, figures and responses of ordinary Cubans as subject matter.  Fiona Gray’s work reflects more on mind-states, quiet moments of contemplation and the ways in which we embrace and deal with life, beauty and tragedy.  Rosemary Theunissen’s passion is landscape – unsettling, ambiguous and moody landscapes, dotted with man-made structures and inhabited by small figures.

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