Northart Board Members

The Northart Society Incorportated operates the vibrant and successful Northart Gallery in Northcote, Auckland. We are on an exciting journey - our collective strategic vision is to be the leading contemporary public art facility on the North Shore.  
Northart includes two generous gallery spaces, run a strong community outreach and education programme and have a strong exhibition programme showing the work of emerging and established artists from both our local community and those of national significance.
Northart is funded by the Kaipatiki Local Board and receives significant annual support from the Lion Foundation and Birkenhead Licensing Trust, but the gallery also relies on its loyal members and volunteers. Northart is committed to giving effect to Te Tiriti o Aotearoa. We are a member of the Safe Space Alliance, creating safe spaces for the LGBTQI+ community. 
Northcote is designated by Auckland Council as a redevelopment hub and this will bring both challenges and opportunities in the coming years.  
Northart’s Board or “Governance Committee” provides strategic direction, support and oversight to our Co-Directors. The board is currently made up of six voluntary members with diverse skills and experience across the arts and wider NGO and commercial sectors.

With several current board members finishing their terms in June 2022, the opportunity has opened for new board members to be nominated for election at our forthcoming AGM on 18th June 2022. 
We are particularly interested to hear from individuals who can contribute diversity of experience and background.  We have a particular need for experience in developing membership and community awareness, fundraising,  building governance capability and financial, negotiating and networking skills. Above all, our board members need to be passionate about the positive contribution Northart can make to the cultural life of Kaipatiki and the visual arts in Aotearoa.

For further information, or to submit your EOI and CV to our Chair Len Bell, please email