Exhibition Coverage - Kiran McKinnon in Verve Magazine

Check out Verve Magazine's write up on Kiran McKinnon's current Exhibition 'Floodlines' - on show at Northart until Sunday, November 1st.

Northart Members’ Spring Exhibition

6 October - 1 November 2020

Karl Amundsen, Ross Ritchie, Frank van Schaik

Coverage by Arts Diary

Robyn Hughes - Commemorating Passchendaele

Coverage by ArtsDiary

Malcolm Harrison A Celebration 2018

A glimpse into the life of this extraordinary New Zealand textile artist.

What's On at Northart in November


Tevita Lātū | Sharon Vickers

A visit from Artsdiary to the opening of Sharon Vickers's ffwd 1 – 10 and Tevita Latu's ‘Friends I haven’t Met’.

Group show - Drawings

Karl Amundsen, Garry Currin, Ross Ritchie, Frances Rood, Mere Clifford, Frank van Schaik, Sharon Vickers, Rosemary Theunissen, George Ritchie, John Oxborough, Janelle Wills, Fiona Lee Graham, James Lawrence, Belinda Griffiths, Frances Atkins, Barry Ross Smith.

Feast, Food – its preparation, presentation and consumption Jun/Jul 2017

Invited artists - Feast - a selection.

A survey of North Shore ceramics - An Obsessive Pursuit

Curated by Wendy Harsant.

Podcast of Rose Theunissen interview on 95bFM's Artbank show

Rose Theunissen discusses her work in Three Takes on the Artbank show.

Lindsay Kirk, Rosemary Theunissen, Malcolm McAllister, Fiona Gray

Here & There by Lindsay Kirk in Gallery 1, and THREE TAKES by Rosemary Theunissen, Malcolm McAllister and Fiona Gray in Gallery 2/3

Bronze and Iron Opening

Paul Dibble, Phil Neary, Jeff Thomson - "Bronze and Iron" are featured on ArtsDiary.

New and Recent Works by Gayle Forster, Craig Humberstone and Barry Ross Smith

Gayle Forster, Craig Humberstone and Barry Ross Smith are featured on ArtsDiary.

"The Artist as Prophet" featured on Arts Diary

Michael Hall, Nic Moon, Bing Dawe, Garry Currin, Lianne Edwards, Greer Twiss, curated by Deborah White - Whitespace Contemporary Art.

Jacqueline Aust and Stephen Piper on Arts Diary

Jacqueline Aust - "Building a Presence" and Stephen Piper - "South" featured on Arts Diary.

Artists from Dornwell Studios and Drisana Tonga on Arts Diary

Dornwell Studios and Drisana Tonga

Ready or not? Exhibition offers glimpse into artistic process

Simon McIntyre says "is it finished?" is a common question for artists

Group show - "Arrested Practice" on Arts Diary

An exhibition of unfinished artworks .

Artist celebrates age and wisdom

Angela Reading says the worse thing about getting old is that after 60, even survey forms think you are invisible.

Photographer Ilan Wittenberg exposes the Bare Truth in portrait exhibition

Ilan's project will show at Northart 6 – 22 June as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography

Personal Effects on Arts Diary

More superb images from Artsdiary and Sait Akkirman of our Personal Effects exhibition - on until 11 May.


Group show - "Assembly" at Northart with Gretl Barzotto, Frances Rood, Sharon Vickers, Clare Young, Arpége Taratoa-Leaf.

Faka Fo'ou

Faka Fo'ou, a group show by Six Tongan Artists.

Chance and Change

NorthArt - Group show - "Chance and Change"