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Ron Left | Now + Then 

“Now + Then presents a body of new work (as part of the Fenestra Series (2020/2021), alongside a selection of works dating back to 1975. This is neither a retrospective nor historical survey show. Earlier works are used to discuss a range of concerns and key moments that relate to the current paintings. The ideas presented are not intended to develop inclusive contexts for these works, or any sense of chronological development, but use selected works to generate discussion on specific developments and obsessions over many years.

Although completed in some cases decades ago, these works maintain a currency in the sense that the ideas explored through them have an on-going life of reinvention and reinterpretation. In a way, individual works have a double life; the moment and time of their making, and the on-going life of reconstructing through new iterations and interpretations. In this sense paintings are complexly temporal in that they are fixed in a specific moment, and also migrate into the future of themselves and other engagements.”


Ron Left, Fenestra No.14, 2020, Acrylic on Plywood

Image courtesy of the artist and Northart


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