Gallery 4 &5


8 to 24 October

In his first solo exhibition in Auckland in many years, recently retired art teacher Roger Staples uses objects from nature that attract him – rocks, stones, shells and plants amongst them – as his still life elements. Arranging them on wooden tables or inside crates, he plays with and often discards objects, but some combinations suggest the beginnings of a painting. “Things evolve. It is an intuitive, creative process. I hope my work provokes thought, rewards repeated viewing and retains a sense of mystery.”


8 to 24 October

Browns Bay photographer Clive Bartleet picked up the idea for our third Art Week exhibition from a Facebook challenge. Unable to participate in the US version, he organized his own and invited originator Carl Leet from Ohio to be a guest exhibitor. Each of the twelve invited photographers present five black and white, square format photographs, taken on five consecutive days on the theme of ‘about place’. Clive and Carl are joined by Stephen Piper, Lynn Clayton, Barbara Cope, Ian Baker, Denice Symons, David Milne, Sait Akkirman, Gerald Emery, Gerald Lopez, Charlotte Goudge and Niki Hill.