Gallery 4 & 5

Fading Light by Hilary Weeks

19 August to 4 September
Retired doctor Hillary Weeks showcases her love of animals in her new solo show, and a deep concern for species on the brink of extinction. “So many wild animals are rapidly fading from view, and cannot speak for themselves. They speak to me, the artist, with their eyes … and so my paintings are but simple sketches in muted colours and indistinct lines.”

Originating Elements by Bob Drake

19 August to 4 September
Successful draughtsperson and designer Bob Drake has used retirement to further his exploration of painterly concerns relating to modernism. His latest meditative collection of works focuses on the basic symbolism of the circle, triangle and square. With the colours red, yellow and blue, Drake uses these shapes to represent the three energies, required to be present, for all manifestations in the Universe.