Gallery 4 &5

Four Voices. There and Then - Auckland Festival of Photography

Murray Noble, Trevor Bayley, Graham Hendry and Roger Brown
In a reprise of their successful 2016 group show, Auckland photographers Roger Brown, Murray Noble and Graham Hendry are joined this year by Timaru-based Dominique Papoutsou. A shared interest in abstract impressionism influences their passion for classic art photography. With the range of digital techniques now available, they’ve each been able to extend and develop their individual practice, resulting in what promises to be a fascinating collection of work. The show is one of four Auckland Festival of Photography events at Northart during June.
6 – 18 June

'Refine' Phisut Nuthong - Auckland Festival of Photography

Chang Mai-based photographer Phisut Nuthong’s presentation is part of the Auckland Festival of Photography digital screen initiative. It examines the social impact of cosmetic surgery, especially on the young. In an increasingly competitive society, cosmetic work has become more and more popular amongst Thai university students, who are operated on before term starts and then convalesce secretly, often in ‘unbearable pain’, alone in their dorm rooms.
2 – 18 June