Upcoming Exhibitions


26 June to 12 July
Opening event 4pm Sunday 25 June

Painter Cath Williams, who recently returned to Auckland after living in Australia for many years, explores the landscape of both countries in her show. Her interest in landscape grew in direct response to the impact of climate change, and to the juxtaposition of the ‘often languid beauty of New Zealand landscape with the strident, brutal beauty of the Australian bush’. Returning home after so long away reinforced for her that, while the impact was more subtle here, both environments are continually under threat from the effects of resource depletion


26 June to 12 July
Opening event 4pm Sunday 25 June

In her first solo exhibition in New Zealand, Korean-trained Insook Kim looks at the transience of time and the ways in which traces of the past inform everyday life. Kim immigrated to New Zealand in 2004 after graduating from Hongik University with a major in printmaking.


Karl Amundsen, Garry Currin, Ross Ritchie, Frances Rood, Mere Clifford,  Frank van Schaik, Sharon Vickers, Rosemary Theunissen, George Ritchie, John Oxborough, Janelle Wills, Fiona Lee Graham, James Lawrence, Belinda Griffiths, Frances Atkins, Barry Ross Smith

10 – 30 July
Opening event Sunday 9 July 5pm – 6pm
‘Meet the Artists’ Sunday 30 July 3pm


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